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    Newbie needs help. BR 01-92 limited edition tourbillon, is it fake?

    I have a gift from a friend long time ago that I forgot I have this watch. My friend didn’t give me the box and the receipt as it is a gift from him. Can you please tell me whether this watch is authentic or not? Thank you. BD07E854-B7F1-48E2-B3BB-D4B9A16FA4EB.jpgBD07E854-B7F1-48E2-B3BB-D4B9A16FA4EB.jpgBD07E854-B7F1-48E2-B3BB-D4B9A16FA4EB.jpg4ED4A68D-3C62-4418-B5CF-874B6E4048E9.jpg7A99F8EC-7891-44C1-9789-1387007F0A56.jpg7A99F8EC-7891-44C1-9789-1387007F0A56.jpg

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    Definitely an authentic piece of junk....
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    Definitely fake AF.
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