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    hydrochallenger - hands ?

    Hi all fellow B&R collectors,
    I need some help please regarding my HydrochallengerI have owned it for over 7 years and it has never missed a beat but I have a question regarding the hands on my watch.
    I have to agree that 99% of the searches I have done for the Hydrochallenger show this watch with square hands and not the 'mercedes' style hand my version has.
    I have all boxes and paperwork (dated 5th May 1997) and the picture in the manual reflects the watch exactly with these hands.
    I am sure the watch is genuine (I did have several B&R at one stage) but am curious as to why this face version doesn't show up in other pictures of hydrchallengers I have found.
    Could be be a crossover model from when they went from the Sinn dial to the B&R dial and they used left over components as I believe that the change of dials was made around this time.

    I did unscrew the back to investigate a little but it still has the oil in it so i replaced reverse and left alone.IMG_5799.JPGIMG_5798.JPGIMG_5803.jpgIMG_5801.jpg

    Any help in clearing this up would be greatly appreciated.
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    Hi Subsea, I'm not an expert but an owner of this rare model with square hands.
    I think your analysis of a crossover model is right but rather with the later model, the Hydromax. Nevertheless that makes your watch even rarer and probably unique.

    Possibly because it is a quartz movement, I think this model is one of the most underestimated watch of B&R if not of all brands. I wonder how many Hydrochallenger B&R produced.

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