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    New 03-92 gaining time?

    I bought a new 03-92 from an AD about 2 weeks ago. I have been wearing it regularly since I brought it home. A few days ago I noticed the time was off a bit so I decided to check it against the atomic clock. Sure enough, it have been gaining about 2 minutes a day. Should I be able to exchange it at the AD? I don't think that this amount of inaccuraccy should be acceptable.

    My other issue is that this is a limited edition horolum piece. I really would like to keep it but the inaccuracy really concerns me. I'm not sure what I should expect. Any advice is appreciated. I will call the AD tomorrow when they open again and see what they suggest.

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    Could be magnetized. Should be a few seconds a day up or down. Very simple for AD to fix.

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