I've got a less than 1 year old BR 123 Heritage. I've not been wearing it much and now it won't stay wound, even when wearing. If I shake my wrist it will keep going for 15 mins or so, but then stop unless I make exaggerated movements/shake my wrist etc.

I've just bought a winder but this won't keep it wound either - because the winder stops after 5 mins and pauses for an hour, the watch will run for around 15 mins again, but then when the winder restarts the watch doesn't restart..

Does this sound like the sort of thing that would be rectified by a service (and then keeping it in the winder after that)?

If so, can anyone recommend the best service route, I am in Manchester UK - would I need to sent it back to B&R (bit nervous about this as I've sent two customer service emails that have gone unanswered) or does anyone know of any North West UK authorised B&R watch repair centres?

Thanks in advance.